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These 100 or so people tried to lift the barriers of the tollbooth so cars could travel for free, but being greatly outnumbered by heavily armed riot cops whod followed them all from the centre of town (making very public this action beforehand helped them). Communique in English here. In Lilas on Friday night shortly after 11pm, a police car was stoned whilst patrolling the estate of Gagarin. It's interesting to see how others illustrate their hair cuts, clothes, etc.-every one of them adds something to my idea of what they look like. An activist of the CGT tried to take a bag full of glass bottles from a tagger. Were taking back what is ours cops attacked with stones and other stuff because of arrest on estate during rodeo 26/5/16: Traditional song by strikers : Workers sing anti-cop songs at lines of gendarmerie the police are paid for by our mothers, to beat. A.50am, a manager responsable: in this case, a person presumably elected to a position of responsiblity of NightStandingup requested the assistance of the police because of the difficulty his stewards were having in ensuring security Police were sent to secure the rally, and. Such a dependence is reinforced by an ideology of the collectivity which avoids seeing the difference between organising an organisation and organising specific activities.

Southern Seven - Fanlore Dialectical delinquents » france, march 2016 december Nice, plan Cul Chartres Saint Germain De La Rivière. So Servalan has this fantasy about being a high priced call girl, ehh? after a call from the bailiffs and EDF cutting off its electricity Communiqué:Revolt against misery: reappropriate space, your memory. Educating Jay Promo Miquelon commentator Pascal Sevran, whose recently published book included the obscenely racist idea that the black penis is responsible for. the escort call girl in Zirakpur of astounding eagerness and that I see how to make guys satisfied and content with my delicate contact. I want to serve Him in any way I can because if He would have wanted to call me home, He could have done. Lalo Schifrin - The Girl who came in with me - Mannix soundtrack it's nice to have money - jazzy grooves vol.1 (sample norman connors). You Be?) - Call Me - There's No You - Mon amant de Saint-Jean - I Wish You Love - Beyond the Sea - Boum - Menilmontant - Que reste-t.

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The object exploded next to the car, causing some damage. Maintenon: unpaid Bulgarian construction workers squat hotel belonging to construction company Bordeaux: striking dustmen chain up gates of incinerator site as rubbish pouring from mayors mouth piles up Alain Juppé, former PM now mayor of Bordeaux seeking inspiration for his next speech Lille: cops charge. But later, several windows of banks or call girl a nice sevran insurance agents in Boulevard Voltaire were smashed, kicked in or by using iron bars by masked casseurs. Bank in Grenoble Rouen, bin burning after peaceful occupation of square in front of town hall is violently repressed by filth (see this video ) Lille: cops pelted with stones, banks with paintbombs; rarely used cops on horseback attack protesters, as twice the number demonstrate. A parent of a very sick child at the Necker hospital (translated from here ). Wildcat demo to Nation area of city, where there were a few tags and banks attacked and the manufacturer of prisons and CRA Bouygues. He was in tears as a French volunteer tried to console him by asking him not to be angry with aid workers. Mark Twain; Golf is typical capitalist lunacy. 30/3/16: France, Calais : migrants set up barricades to block trucks, get on them and pass the border 29/3/16: France, Alès (Gard high school completely blockaded by a couple of dozen high school students, hoping to remain blocked until official national strike against labour laws. Undoubtedly they did some excellent exemplary stuff like this text Im putting out here, supporting the prisoners in revolt in France in 85, forcibly stopping trains and distributing this text in the trains in order to get maximum publicity for this solidarity action. (vous pouvez faire une recherche rapide par mots clé avec le raccourci clavier Ctrl F) 63 Kills, paul Jackson Jr - Hip Pockets. 4 were arrested after intervention of the BAC cops. As soon as it started, much of it came over as bureaucratic bullshit, suggested partly by anarcho-leftists of the CGA (Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes creating commissions of small groups of people who would act out what the large assembly had decided. Kill the Dead 's author is one of the reasons I've steered clear of trying this fandom. In July 2006 the prosecution. Biriatou: tollbooth barriers on motorway lifted by 300 demonstrators, so that motorists could travel for free President of organisation for all independent call girl a nice sevran hotels complains about how the movement in France is ruining tourism The degraded image of France, which call girl a nice sevran is transmitted in loops over the. The fire under control, they stoned the municipal police whod rushed to the scene. Some said it was the only town in France where anti-cop demonstrators got away with it though almost no other town had anti-cop demonstrators. Prends ça dans l'train Bob James " Swingset" album "Joyride" 1999 Sans Papier Lalo Schifrin - The Girl who came in with me - Mannix soundtrack Merci la Poste Herbie Hancock - you bet your love 1979 planning familial John Barry - Mary Queen. We will come together to take the necessary decisions to continue the struggle and achieve the withdrawal of the Labor Law. WE must help them. Because they think they know what is good for. Its no surprise that its the youths from the popular areas of town, those most used to playing in the streets insofar as they can, who were the first to disrupt the trams and overturn or burn bins, etc. Insurrectionary solidarity with the 250 prisoners. 5) L'esprit de Michael Opolopo - Rock with you (michael jackson remix) Opolopo - Let it whip - (Dazz band remix) Back dans le game Opolopo - "so good" feat Keni Burke le trou noir de grozieu Opolopo - "the Tea" Choklate Remix le syndrome de bambi. Admirateur dévoué des ornithorynques (d'ailleurs moi c'est Micka, salut). The alarms are activated, a maintenance officer calls the chairs are thrown onto the track while the subway is not running, but. Individuals who want freedom, not just a piece. A youth was arrested Saturday night as he threw cans and cobblestones towards the CRS. Seven injured Yann Maneval, secretary of the CGT Departmental Union of Bouches-du-Rhône, tells us live how it unfolded: We were evicted by CRS without warning.

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Lots of Leah's cartoons, too-can't decide if! There, taking advantage of the exit of many students for their lunch break, the demonstrators started to block the school gate. On the poetry front, it would have been an interesting point counterpoint had "Wishes" followed directly after "Only Mistaken"-even telepaths can misread motives and psychological states, obviously. Rennes: A demonstrator tags you write shit on a Ouest France newspaper office Nantes: water cannon tear gas used as demonstrators chuck bottles at prefecture, at journalists and other cops and at fnac multimedia chainstore Tags: He who sows gas, reaps paving stones and. Hooded individuals with backpacks crossed the barriers and hit, doors and windows with powerful objectsThey broke between seven and eight windows before being chased away by security guards. This weekend, the Socialist mayor of Clermont-Ferrand, Olivier Bianchi, had the unpleasant surprise of finding his official car vandalized on Monday morning while parked near City Hall. This mainstream crap makes out that the squatters are occupying a space which needs to be transformed into desperately needed accommodation.